Wildlife Management Info

Raccoon Trapping

Raccoons are one of the most troublesome animals in our area.  They have the ability to adapt to human living conditions, and are smart enough to enter trash cans, dumpsters and domiciles for food.  Adult raccoons weigh over 10 lbs and can live over a decade in the wild.  Raccoons are nocturnal, excellent climbers, and are strong enough to penetrate areas for shelter.  Mother raccoons use attic spaces as a safe haven for raising their litters.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels present a very common problem for New Jersey residents.  Just like raccoons, squirrels like to enter attics for shelter.  Squirrels can cause significant damage due to their chewing of wires, insulation, walls, and ductwork.  You probably have squirrel intrusion if you hear scratching noises and running within attic spaces.

Deer Control

New Jersey has approximately 200,000 deer in the state.  Deer usually ravage our gardens or landscaping.  They love to eat plants and shrubbery in the yard, and can send structures tumbling.  Other concerns for deer include the transmittal of ticks and lyme disease and the high accident rate in some areas.

Opossum Removal

Possums are scavengers that cause people many problems at their residences.  They apt to live underneath structures such as sheds, decks and attics.  They steal pet food and trash; pets, especially dogs, are also highly susceptible to bites from possums that react to being cornered by your pet.  Possums leave an extreme amount of droppings in attic spaces and can cause destruction in your home.

Skunk Trapping

In addition to the horrible odor from a skunk’s spray, skunks can enter structures and cause damage through their extreme amount of digging.  Skunks are also prone to carrying many diseases.

Beaver Control

Although many people think beavers are cute, beavers can cause major problems with flooding and destruction of trees.  Beavers are nocturnal and do most of their damage during the evening when they are using their sharp teeth to bring down trees and pull them back to their den.  They also build dams to make ponds.  Most property owners complain about flooding or pooling related to a beaver’s work.