1.   Which animals do you handle?

Any wildlife that causes a nuisance!  Most homeowners and businesses experience issues with wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, deer, opossum, chipmunks, and skunks.  Call our office to discuss your animal control needs.

2.   What types of traps do you use?

Our expert staff uses the most effective trap for the situation.  We have a selection of traps and snares dependent upon the type of animal and the environment.  Our live traps ensure the most humane removal and control of the animal.

3.   What do you do with the animals after they are captured & removed?

This depends on the animal and the situation.  Most wild animals can be released into areas that are most conducive to their natural habitat.  In some cases where the animal is sick or injured, we’ll work with the local animal agencies to determine the best course of action for the animal.

4.  What are your qualifications?

NJAC has on staff a N.J. State-certified Animal Cruelty Investigator, N.J. State-certified Animal Control Officers, and holds one of a very limited number of State trapping licenses from the New Jersey Department of Fish & Wildlife.

5.   Can’t we call our county or township animal control office?

In most cases, local county or township animal services deal mostly with domestic pet issues.  For those that have expanded services, those wildlife services may be very limited and will not involve preventive or repair solutions.  To ensure you receive complete wildlife control, its best to contact a professional who specializes in this field.

6.   Can you help with abandoned animals?

In order to effectively assist you with lost or abandoned dogs, cats or other domestic animals, NJAC suggests you contact your local police department. The Police Department staff can either dispatch your township’s Animal Control Officer or will provide guidance in contacting other local contacts such as animal rescue shelters.

7.   Our business has problems with geese.  Can you help?

NJAC has two trained dogs that we use for geese management.  Please call our office to discuss a full geese management program.

8.    Do you handle termite and other pest issues?

No, NJAC is not a pest control company.  If you need termite or other pest control help, do call our office so that we can refer you to a competent pest control company.

9.   What forms of payment do you accept?

NJAC accepts cash, checks, major credit cards and PayPal.